Spam Filter - Changing the Notifications - Issue #2

Are you looking for more or less Mail SPAM notifications?
When you login to your spam filter web page....
On the top go to -- Preferences - and then Notification on the left.
1) The E-mail address for notifications is automatically populated by the mail server
2) You can change the look and feel of the email via the drop down with 4 options: Clickable, HTML with links, Detailed, Brief.
3) Maximum number of entries: How many entries it will send you on the notifications
4) Do not include messages scoring above... : Default is 10 you can adjust the levels based on your need the higher the number the more information you receive (See Scoring)
5) Sort Items in the notification email by...: by date or by score
6) Incidents to include in notifications: "All" or "Just the new ones since the last time".
7) Notification Times: What time of the day the system will send you (If you have spam)
8) Notification Day: The days of the week you will receive spam notifications (If you have spam)

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Creation date: 7/8/2016 10:17 AM     Updated: 7/8/2016 10:17 AM
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