Voicemail access.

By default a user can access voicemail from their own extension(using *17)
(If your voicemail has not been setup before you will be asked to enter new password and setup your name)
Please follow the voice prompts as this has slight differences between boxes.

Depending on handsets and versions of systems, you may have a voicemail button
See Visual Voicemail Document....

User's mailboxes cannot be accessed from any other location (internal or external) until a Voicemail Code has been set for the mailbox.

Once a Voicemail Code has been set, the mailbox can be accessed from other locations (see following sections) and the caller will be prompted to enter Voicemail Code.

Access Voicemail from Another Location
To log in remotely:

1.Call your company and ask to be connected to a number that will go to voicemail. This means a number that will not be answered by a person, for example, your own extension number.

2.Wait for the voicemail system to respond and ask you to leave a message.

3.After the tone, do not leave a message but press #. In some cases you may hear the prompt No message to save.

4.Dial *7. You are asked to select the mailbox that you require.

5.Enter your own extension number and press #.

6.When prompted enter your mailbox password and press #. You hear a summary of your voicemail messages as is usual.
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