Login To voicemail the first time.

To log in for the first time:

1.Dial *17.

2.If you are dialing from your own extension, press #. Otherwise enter your extension number and press #.

3.If a password has not been set yet, press #. You are asked to enter a new password.

If a password has been set, enter your password and press #.

4.Enter a new password and press #. Your password cannot be the same as your extension number or a set of repeated digits or consecutive numbers.

5.Re-enter the new password and press #.

You can change your password again at a later date.

6.Record your name when you are prompted. You can record your name again at a later date.

7.Press 1 and at the tone, speak your name.

8.Press 1 again. Your recording is played back.

9.Either press # to accept the recording or 1 to record again.

10.After you log in, the voice prompts tell you what to do. A summary of many of the options is given in Summary of Mailbox Options.

Press *4 for help at any time.

Press *7 to return to the activity menu.

Press # at the end of a menu to return to the previous menu.
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